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Never been to this church before?

We realise that some people only ever go inside a church on a special occasion such as a wedding or a funeral, and maybe wouldn’t think of going outside of those times.

So what could you expect if you came to one of our regular weekly services?

Well, music is a great aid to worship and we like singing - some hymns might be familiar, some of the newer songs less so. But they’re easy to pick up, the words are projected so no fiddling about with books -  and you could just sit and listen if you wanted to.

Then we listen to Fiona (other people occasionally) explain a bit about a Bible passage and how it applies to us today.

Then a final song or two and its downstairs for a coffee or tea! It lasts for about an hour and a half on average

 (+ the tea bit!).

That’s it. We really enjoy the chance to be together and to worship God. And even if you’ve never thought of doing that before, we reckon you’d enjoy it too. We would genuinely be pleased

to see you.

There’s no commitment involved unless you want it.  So come along sometime and give it a go!

Pictures of a transformation - February 2015
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…and after